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Russian loss of life, who cares?

Kiev (8/6 – 17).          The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense's announcement about the personnel losses suffered by Moscow in May underscores the toll the conflict...

South China Sea: Biden Says US Will Defend the Philippines if China Attacks

US President Joe Biden has warned China that the US will defend the Philippines in case of any attack in the disputed South China...

Dozens of Chinese Ships Chase Philippine Vessels as US Renews Warning It Will Defend Its Treaty Ally

As a U.S. Navy surveillance plane flew in circles, keeping a close watch, dozens of Chinese coast guard and accompanying ships chased and encircled...

Philippines Vows Not to Surrender ‘Square Inch’ of Territory in South China Sea

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos insisted his country would not give up "a single square inch of our territory", as Manila seeks to counter Beijing's...

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